Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mine Blog

Okay first things first.  I am not some crazy grammar pedant; the intent here is to have some fun.  My name is Blake Brown and I am currently enrolled in UVIC's Teaching Program and one of the assignments I have been tasked with is starting a blog.  So with that being said I thought I would find something apropos to one of my teaching areas and run with that.

Donald Knuth has a Grammar

Something that I have noticed as an English major is that a lot of people think that I: can spell every word in the dictionary, have some great enthusiasm for punctuation, will spontaneously combust if you tell me that you “seen” a movie last night.  Well guess what, a degree in English does not ensure perfect grammar.  I can pretty much guarantee that I would never win a spelling bee, and if I correct someone for saying something like "I seen," it's because I dont want to pick up the habit.

I am sure some of my English professors would love it if I could stop everyone from texting each other LOLROFLBBQ, as stuff like that is destroying good grammar.  But truth be told sometimes it’s funny to say “lol” in the middle of a conversation with friends.  These things have their place, maybe not in the middle of your doctoral dissertation, but most certainly as a text message response to your friend’s lame joke that vegetarian zombies eat "GRAINS!!!"  So I am not quite sure what direction this blog will take, but at the very least I shall try to poke some fun at the English language.

In that light I ask you, if cactus plural is cacti, does that mean that Jesus plural is Jesi?



  1. It is encouraging to see other English Majors struggling with the same problems that plague me. I couldn't spell my way out of a paper bag and the thought of writing on the chalk board terrifies me. I think it will be a lot of prepared overheads and media presentations along with a few embarrassing moments. That being said, I also share your aversion to misuse of "seen."

  2. "Me fail English. That unpossible."

  3. Funny and inviting post! I think research should be conducted to determine whether several years of marking student essays also degrades one's ability to spell.

  4. I swear spelling on a chalk board is 20 times more difficult.

  5. I also find that, as English majors, we automatically become the go-to editors for absolutely EVERYTHING. Luckily, I happen to enjoy grammar (barf, I know).